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About Secret Sleeves


Hi, my name is Deborah Kay Allred, the Designer of Secret Sleeves. I am thrilled to share the “Secret “ of Secret Sleeves  with you. Being  “Texas” born and raised, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of trying to dress appropriately for Texas winter temperatures that can range from 40 to 90 degrees in a day. Also, as a typical “Woman of Today”,  I require versatility in my wardrobe that will allow me to change my look quickly as my activities change. Like most busy women, my lifestyle includes, regular outings to the theater, mall, cocktail parties, business events, football games, and of course a 9 to 5 career.

The Secret Sleeves concept was born in the fall of 2009. As I was working in my office I became chilled.  I had worn a sleeveless sweater with a fashion scarf to work, as it was forecasted to be a typical Texas fall day, 50 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees in the afternoon. No need for a coat!

As my neck and shoulders were cozy from the scarf, I gently placed the scarf on my uncovered arms for warmth. The concept of a scarf with hidden sleeve pockets was born. I immediately started pursuing the concept and began developing the product. After 13 patterns, changing it a ¼ inch and a ½ inch there, I finalized the pattern and made the first Secret Sleeves fashion scarf in November of 2009. I began wearing Secret Sleeves on a daily basis and “wowed” everyone when I would slip my arms into the secret sleeves and instantly change my scarf into an elegant wrap.
Secret Sleeves is unique to itself and is not a shrug, shawl, cape, sweater, stole or bolero, it is a Secret Sleeves fashion scarf, a must have fashion accessory that can change your look from “simple to simply elegant, in a second”!

Secret Sleeves is a “Patent Pending” design and is proudly made in The United States of America!!