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What is a Secret Sleeves™ fashion scarf?
Secret Sleeves™ is a new, very chic fashion scarf with a Patent Pending hidden sleeve pocket design. Secret Sleeves™ is the perfect fashion accessory, wear as a traditional scarf around the neck, and convert to a sexy, elegant wrap by slipping your arms into the hidden sleeve pockets. Secret Sleeves™ is a must have fashion accessory!


How is a Secret Sleeves™ different than other similar products?
While there are similar products on the market, Secret Sleeves™ is the only scarf with this unique Patent Pending design. The design of a Secret Sleeves™ fashion scarf is one piece without a top or bottom or left or right side. There is not a collar or shoulder seams, so it easily adjusts to create a perfect fit. In an instant Secret Sleeves™ can change your look from simple to simply elegant!


What type of fabric is a Secret Sleeves™ fashion scarf made with?
Secret Sleeves™ fashion scarves are made of luxurious 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex stretch velvet. This fabric blend provides the flexibility needed for the scarf to convert to Secret Sleeves™ with complete ease while providing a perfect fit.


Can I order a Secret Sleeves™ in a different fabric or color?
Secret Sleeves™ is available in several different color and trim combinations. The Timeless Secret Sleeves™ are available in black, white and gold with matching1" acrylic beaded trim. The Designer Secret Sleeves™ are black with a gold chainette trim, a black and silver acrylic bead trim, or a long sequined black fringe.


Does a Secret Sleeves™ come in different sizes?
Secret Sleeves™ comes in two sizes, a small/medium and a medium/large. Because of the stretch content of the fabric most can wear either size. If you prefer more of a loose fit or have long arms, the medium/large is recommended.


Where I can purchase a Secret Sleeves™ fashion scarf?
Secret Sleeves™ is only available on the website at this time. You will be fashion forward and certain to make a fashion statement with a Secret Sleeves™!


May I return my Secret Sleeves™?
You may return your Secret Sleeves™ within 30 days if in new condition.


How do I care for my Secret Sleeves™?
As Secret Sleeves™ is made of a luxurious fabric with delicate trim, we highly recommend hand washing or dry clean only. The "Timeless" Secret Sleeves scarfs, and the Designer Black and Silver Secret Sleeves™ scarf have delicate beaded trim that can become damaged when exposed to harsh chemicals and solvents found in hairsprays and perfumes. Skin be free of all solvents prior to wearing a beaded Secret Sleeves™ product. 


What are the different ways to wear a Secret Sleeves™ fashion scarf?
There are countless ways to wear your Secret Sleeves™ that are created from the 3 basic styles: 1. As a traditional scarf around the neck, tied or hanging loose, 2. With both arms in the hidden sleeve pockets. 3. With one arm in a hidden sleeve pocket and the other end of the scarf draped around the shoulder or arm. Secret Sleeves™ can also be worn as a belt or as a head scarf.


How is the Secret Sleeves™ fashion scarf packaged?
Your Secret Sleeves™ will arrive packaged in a beautiful color coordinated organza bag with satin drawstrings, and ready to give as a gift. However, we are certain you will fall in love with Secret Sleeves™, so order one for you and one for your “BFF”.


How long will it take to receive my Secret Sleeves™ fashion scarf?
Most orders are fulfilled and shipped within 24 hours. Secret Sleeves™ is proudly made in the United States of America!!